About Trash

Trash Design Is About

  • seeing things with new eyes
  • thinking in new ways
  • re-using things, which are already produced
  • re-making old stuff
  • re-cycling among friends
  • respecting life in its every form


Is a small company specialized in trash design and interior concept planning, exhibitions, workshops and publications around sustainable design and art. Dodo also runs concepts such as Trash Design, Trash Factory, Trash Art, Trash Garden, Trash Cuisine, Rubbish Design, Brand Old and Contemporary Design Platform (CDP).

Who We Are

Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom ja Henrik Enbom

Henrik Enbom, trashdesigner, photographer, carpenter, journalist Isa Kukkapuro-Enbom, fashion designer, journalist, trash design producer and curator.

We are a couple, working and living in downtown Helsinki and in the countryside, some 50 km north of Helsinki. We are good at matching talents. We are quick at starting up discussions and enjoy the company of other people.

We try to make right things as a consumer. We work for the future upcycling rubbish from the past. This transformation is called Trash Design.

Photo © Ofer Amir.